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Four Reasons to Choose NinjaVPN

Googling “VPN” will get you hundreds of web pages – let’s take a closer look at why you should choose NinjaVPN over its alternatives.

Free Price

VPNs commonly use the monthly subscription model, charging their users around $5 to $10 every month. Many users find it hard to justify spending money on a VPN, so we made NinjaVPN free – it doesn't even display any ads, making your browsing experience seamless.


Without a VPN, your sensitive data is vulnerable to hackers. This is especially the case with public Wi-Fi networks in cafes, hotels, and airports: Allowing unrestricted access to anyone with a laptop, these networks are often monitored by hackers trying to steal data.


Lots of online content gets blocked for various reasons (government censorship or copyright infringement, for instance.) This puts regular users at a disadvantage: Why is a Netflix show available in Country A and blocked in Country B?

Server locations

In some cases, you need to change your IP address location to a specific country: This would allow you, for example, to access country-exclusive content on Netflix. The NinjaVPN engineering team works hard to keep server infrastructure reliable, preventing your downloads...

NinjaVPN offers 40+ server locations all across the world

USA, California
Canada, Montreal
United Kingdom, London
Germany, Hesse
Russia, Moscow
USA, New York
Australia, Sydney
Netherlands, Amsterdam
France, Gravelines
Poland, Warsaw

How to use NinjaVPN?

NinjaVPN is available on different platforms:
The Chrome extension install the client on your Google Chrome, respectively. The Windows app installs NinjaVPN on your machine that runs any recent version of Windows (7, 8, 10, and 11.)

Installing NinjaVPN is easy and quick: You just open the installation file and the wizard will guide you through the process. Once the app is installed, you’ll notice the NinjaVPN icon in your system tray – click it to access the servers menu and choose your new virtual country. You’re ready to browse the web securely!

Choose platform to install:

Is it safe to install NinjaVPN? Why is it free?

Absolutely – you can view virustotal report to make sure that NinjaVPN doesn’t contain any viruses or malware. Our app is free because it has a special monetization model: instead of charging you a monthly subscription fee, we utilize a tiny portion of your idle bandwidth resources and share it across our peer-to-peer network.

This only has a minimal effect on your total bandwidth consumption, None of your personal information is accessed/shared with third parties, and none of your user data is collected, except for the IP location data.

This allows NinjaVPN to provide its services for free.

Customers Reviews

12 Dec 2021
This is Amazing!

I’ve been searching for a free VPN for quite some time – most of them weren’t really free, asking me to pay for a Pro version once the trial period ended. Thankfully, NinjaVPN didn’t mislead me – I’ve been using it for three months now and it works great.

James K.
23 Nov 2021
Never felt so secured!

I’m not a pro user by any means, I only need a VPN to change my IP address location for market research (for example, I monitor which ads our European clients are seeing.) NinjaVPN is perfect for that: it’s free and has different servers across Europe and the rest of the world.

Clarissa A.
16 Nov 2021
Always protects my data

I travel for work a lot, so I often have to use public Wi-Fi hotspots in hotels and airports. Since this is a bad security practice, I add NinjaVPN to the mix: It protects my data when I connect to the internet.

Farid M.